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    Dance and music play positive influences on the society. It is proven...

  • Women’s healthcare

    MENOPAUSE: CAN I COPE? Stoppage of monthly menstrual cycle for more...

  • Non Communicable diseases

    The life-long diseases are known as chronic diseases and are classified...


Our living is governed by many factors and health is one of key attributes. Every day we encounter several doubts, experiences and information. Rootssimplified is making an attempt to give the general idea about health, the holistic perspectives in sustaining good health, the basic understanding of the diseases and its progression and the current available medical treatment to the general public.

The foundation of good life is based on good health. It comprises of physical, emotional and social well-being of an individual. It is determined by individual’s interactions and the interweaving of oneself with friends and family, the social surroundings and the society.

Roots-simplified is an information platform; it does not offer any medical consultation for an individual’s health status. Root-simplified is launched to make every individual aware of the key aspects about healthy living. We believe this initiative helps you to make an informed choice towards healthy and happy living.

This website is launched as a medical information service to the community.

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