Infectious diseases are caused due to disease causing germs such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. They spread very quickly in the community through contacts, contaminated air and water and hence are known as <<Communicable diseases>>. The spread of these diseases are due to either a direct physical contact with the diseased person or through indirect spread through air droplets, contaminated surfaces and water. Insect bites cause parasite-causing infections such as malaria.

When breathe air, a variety of disease-producing bacteria and viruses are carried into our mouth, nose, throat and respiratory tract. Infectious diseases such as leprosy, tuberculosis and influenza spread due to coughing, sneezing and spitting in public places and also due to contact with unwashed hands.

Advancement in the medical science has given more understanding to the researchers to develop new medicines to fight variety of infections. However the bug is turning smarter than the man and there are newer challenges to fight infections. There are simple measures that can help to stop spread of the infectious disease. Cleanliness, improved personal and public hygiene, improved sanitation, food safety and water quality are basic requirements. Littering on the streets, spitting, open garbage bins are all food for the infectious organisms to grow.

Public awareness about disease control through cleanliness and hygiene are very important and it is the responsibility of each and every citizen to participate in this mission and to change from bad habits and practices that continue to contaminate the environment and spread of diseases. Washing hands before every meal and intermittently is a good personal habit that can help keep infections at bay.

Vaccination programmes have been a boon to mankind. It has reduced and also irradiated very dangerous contagious diseases. We will know more about the vaccines, its discovery and the advances in the continued series on the topic of communicable diseases.

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