Dance and music play positive influences on the society. It is proven that it helps in health and well-being of individuals.

Dance is one of the modes of physical activity. It helps improve physical balance, gait, posture and endurance. It has very positive influence on our cognitive functions as dance requires to memorise steps, sequences, tempo, and rhythm. It improves coordination, reflexes, memory and recall.

At all ages, individuals practicing dance   possess improved aerobic power; it improves lower body muscle endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, agility, and gait.  It helps to improve bone and joint health and muscle power. As dance helps to maintain gait and balance, it reduces the chance of falls and improves the working of the heart.  All these benefits culminate with positive outcomes on physical and psycho-social well-being very subtly. One does not realise how unknowingly one has transformed positively on the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions.

Recreational dance improves cardiovascular fitness and bone health of children and young people. It helps to prevent and reduce obesity among kids and children which is very rampant in the society today. Dancing in the groups brings social skills, sharing, developing connections with peer group and develops positive personality traits. It brings in self-discipline, responsibility, self-respect and dedication. It connects the younger generation to the lineage and roots of past civilizations. It thus keeps the tradition alive and keeps it flowing to the generations. The benefits of dance are not only individualist but has greater impact on the society as the young generation is nurtured and developed through the medium of  fine arts, its history, its ever-evolving formats and relevance with the changing times. All these help evolve the student of dance into a matured, responsible adult of tomorrow who can take up the challenges with poise and dignity.

Dance routines release endorphins, the hormone of well-being and brings in tranquility. Regular practice thus helps in positive mental health.  International Dance Day is observed to encourage and spread the benefits of regular dancing so that people can yield benefits from the dance form of their choice and it is certainly for all ages.

On the eve of World Dance Day, let us not be couch potatoes… but strive to be happy and healthy individuals.

Remember… we grow old because we stop playing and dancing…

Best wishes of the day….

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