Have you ever thought how the medicines are developed? 

It’s a long journey that begins in the laboratory. A potential drug is either synthesised in the chemical laboratory or extracted from plant cells. It can also be developed from some other biological source such as microorganisms.

This newly discovered compound undergoes thorough research to understand and explore its structure, properties and potential activities that can qualify it as << future medicine >>.

All this development is not by chance but with an intentional efforts to develop a medicine that can help millions of patients worldwide.

The potential medicine is called << New Chemical Entity (NCE) >>. It is then further evaluated through series of experiments in laboratory to assess its potential use and making it into a medicinal product such as tablet, capsules, injections etc. It undergoes series of experiments in animals to evaluate its safety. The potential medicinal product must demonstrate biological effects and therefore experiments are set to evaluate its biological activity. The ability of the potential medicine to alter some physiological function could result in developing it as a medicinal product. The criteria of developing the medicinal product is based on its quality, effectiveness and safety profile. Therefore, the potential medicinal products undergoes series of various research programme in human subjects. All these research programmes are governed by strict laws and research guidelines of ethical conduct ensuring safety and rights of the human subjects. The research and development cycle is varies anywhere from 10-15 years depending on the type of disease being targeted and the results obtained at each stage. More than 10,000 compounds are researched daily of which 1 compound could possibly turn into the medicinal product. It’s a long journey that invests huge amount of money, human capital, laboratories, hospitals, doctors and so on. Not to forget, several man hours with an unending zeal and passion for discovery of medicines; the passion that encompasses the highest human value; to give hope to millions of sufferers across the globe.

When you pick up the medicine next time from the pharmacy even if it is a most commonly used painkiller that relieves your headache instantly… remember it is a product developed by those scientists and their support teams who are unknown to the world and continue to cure several of us daily…

The story of drug development continues in the next series…,

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