The life-long diseases are known as chronic diseases and are classified as non- communicable diseases. They are called non-communicable diseases because they do not spread in the community due to any diseases causing germs but in fact are result of combination of several factors that include genetic, physiological, and environmental and behavior or lifestyle attributes.

Non-communicable diseases (NCD) are prevalent at large in developed as well as in the developing and poor countries; present almost equally among rich and poor nations and are known causes of loss of young population as these diseases are striking at an early age leading to << premature deaths>>. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, variety of cancers, respiratory diseases such as asthma are the most prevalence in the society. Children, adults, elderly population are all vulnerable to NCDs. The main reasons being nutritional deficiencies, lack of physical activities, use of tobacco in various forms and consumption of high levels of alcohol. Apart from these factors, lack of sleep and stress are the other two important contributors. The current statistics in the rise of NCDs across the globe is alarming and worrying. Approximately 15 million deaths in the world have occurred between the age group of 30-69 years during the preceding year.

Unfortunately all these diseases are the result of rapid industrialization, urbanization, practicing unhealthy lifestyles, unhealthy diets, lack of physical activity, lack of recreational pursuits and more over lack of sleep and adequate rest. Elevated blood pressure, increased level blood sugar, obesity, abnormal levels of blood lipids are all considered as risk factors that can lead to variety of chronic diseases. Longstanding chronic diseases lead to other complications and are very much burden to health and well-being of an individual. Therefore monitoring them with appropriate treatment and lifestyle changes is essential.

In this series, we will continue to talk more about the specific disease and how we can try to prevent and manage various NCDs.

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